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We have been in the home building business in Charlotte and Sarasota Counties for over 35 years. We hold State Licenses as General and Solar Contracting and are a Certified Green Professional. Additionally we hold several other licenses and industry certifications. We have been actively engaged in cutting edge technology to bring the future of housing in Florida into the present. We understand that it is not just the initial cost of a home that matters, but the operational and maintenance costs of that home.
Our new Sunseeker homes come with a highly efficient solar power generating system that provides you with all the power you need. You directly plug in to the sun. No damage to our environment - just free, green energy.




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This home is smarter from the Outside In!

Most European countries have been building with exterior wall insulation for years. Normal Florida construction has the exterior wall insulation on the inside of the block wall. That is not a very efficient way to do it. This house has the insulation on the outside of the structure, where it belongs. Our system provides superior moisture intrusion prevention along with substantial energy efficiency. This smarter building envelope enhances interior climate control and comfort.

Why is building that way so much better?

Traditional Florida homes are built out of cement blocks with a thin stucco coating on the outside and then painted. Here are some facts about this inefficient type of traditional construction:

1.    Windows and Exterior doors are not properly sealed under traditional construction. Stucco finishes are not waterproof.
2.    The traditional way of insulating Florida block homes, is to put foil encased foam board against the inside of the block walls, around the living area. Think about this: Block is a high “thermal mass” product. That means, when it gets warm, it retains the warmth and slowly discharges it over time. All day long the walls of a traditional block home heat up as the Florida Sun bakes them.
3.    There is what professionals call “Infiltration Practice”. It's the sealing of holes and gaps in the exterior envelope of a house. Traditional insulation practice, does at best, stop only a portion of air leaks.


1.    The first layer, to be a waterproofing and sealing system, is applied to the entire exterior around a conditioned space, efficiently eliminating air leaks.
2.    Next is an installation of a continuous 2” thick closed foam board around the envelope.
3.    This is followed by a sealing of all foam around windows and doors.
4.    Then a mesh reinforced base coat is applied.
5.    Finally, highly crack resistant, cement free acrylic with immense flexibility and strength is applied, providing a high SRI (solar reflective index value).

Just a few features you won't find in other homes

1.   Hidden low pitch roof. Traditionally, low-pitch-roofs have been looked down upon as inferior to pitched shingle roofs. We now have a low pitch roofing system that not only has a longer life expectancy than shingles, but exceeds Energy Star and LEED (“Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” - Green Building Certification) requirements. Unlike any Shingle roof the SRI (Solar Reflective Index) is 90 out of 100 perfect LEED score. This means the roof is absorbing very little of the heat energy from the sun.
2.    Roof Structure: Conventional trusses with Isonene sealed underneath the roof plywood to form a “thermos” type seal on the house.
3.    Another issue Floridians have to deal with is insect invasion into their homes. In an average home, there are many places for bugs to infiltrate. But in this home, you need to open your door to let them in, because there's no other way for them to get into the house. Gives peace of mind to many that don’t like the bug part of Florida living.
4.    Solar Photovoltaic Grid Tied Power Generating System sized to the home for its energy requirements. This system is installed on the hidden low pitch roof. A major issue of solar power has been the visibility of the solar panels on a home’s roof. We have eliminated that unsightliness. This system is tied into the FPL grid and requires no maintenance, just day after day it keeps providing Free Green Power for the home.
5.    The Exterior walls are projecting above the low-pitch-roof. Structurally they are CBS with steel reinforced concrete.  From the outside, they look like traditional stucco, but the finish is superior to stucco in every way. Behind the exterior textured finish is a modified EPS (expanded polystyrene super insulated and waterproofed wall system). The insulation is on the outside of the block walls, where it really belongs, creating a high thermal mass on the interior of the home. Interior thermal mass is essential in interior temperature modulation.
6.    Hurricane Resistance: This home outperforms all conventional traditionally built homes under the current hurricane code.
7.   Interior Comfort Environment: Air Conditioning and Heating are provided by Equipment that yields Energy Efficiencies 2-4 times better than the average equipment installed in homes today. All ductwork is inside conditioned spaces but not visible. The environment remains totally comfortable at a fraction of the cost in the normal home today, with attention given to indoor air quality


Well, despite the fact, that our Sunseeker Home isn't just zero-ready, but completely's some information what zero-ready actually means:


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Solar and Smart Home Features:

1.    Designed to be a NET ZERO home, powered by a Solar Photovoltaic energy system, this house is designed to produce all the power it uses, with connection to the Utility Grid only as a backup for peak periods. An optional battery power pack is available, making this house completely independent of all Utility Grid grid power. Great for inexpensive lots with no power available or remote Island locations!
2.    The photovoltaic system produces maintenance Free Green Power for your home.
3.    The Solar Domestic Hot Water heating system with a solar powered, circulating pump provides all the hot water needs of the home.
4.    Smart Home integration, programmable, communicating thermostat to control your A/C from your smart phone. Various electrical components of the home can be managed thru the Smart Home Features.

What about regular features other quality Builders offer?

No lack in that department either! Here is a partial listing of standard items in the Sunseeker Model:

1.    Recessed LED lights, all light fixtures equipped with LED bulbs (see Smart Home features of this house).
2.    Ultra-Green super quiet bath exhaust fans
3.    Upgraded Overhead door included: Canon Ridge, Insulated, Ultra Grain Factory Finished Old World Wood look Design
4.    Automatic Overhead Garage Door opener with Keyless Entry
5.    Floor Tile throughout the Entire Living Area
6.    Decorator Tile in Bath Showers
7.    Quality plumbing fixtures and energy efficcient ppliances
8.    Contemporary or Traditional Trim work with 8 foot interior doors and large mouldings
9.    Modern Contemporary or Traditional Cabinets.
10.  Built in Pantry and Linen with Custom Closet Shelving
11.  Granite Countertops with under mount sinks throughout
12.  ThermaTru Best Classic Craft Fiberglass Exterior doors with Rot Proof Jambs. The look of real wood with the life expectancy of Fiberglass
13.  Exterior Ceilings finished with Hardiboard or Acrylic finish to match exterior walls
14.  “Smart” Super-Efficient Ceiling Fans
15.  Paver brick Driveway and Sidewalk
16.  Beautiful Open Beam Ceilings with Tile Roofs over the Front Entry, Lanai and Select Windows.
17.  Pool, Paver Deck and High Cage and Solar Powered Pumping Station
18.  Energy Star Appliance Allowance 

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